Our goal at Advantage Mold is to manufacture the highest quality and most durable realistic training replicas to place on our soldiers’ hands. Often the soldiers of our armed forces don’t get the luxury of real pic rails and working bi-pods with simulated weight in there training guns. We are here to provide those options in today’s modern warfare.

pistol die Most inferior weapon replicas are cast from silicone tooling that breaks down over time and produces a poor-quality part. All Army Green Guns are visibly more authentic and realistic, made from solid aluminum tooling that retains its crispness and results in a cleaner, more durable replica with each cast. Military and law enforcement pistol die personnel world-wide are quickly learning that such quality matters. We use scientifically formulated polyurethanes in all of our replicas that will withstand the rigorous demands of the harshest training environments. Many Army Green Guns are cast with aluminum barrels that add to their durability, realistic appearance and weight. We have designs on file of almost any foreign or U.S. weapon, and we are capable of taking on any custom project to produce these replicas in practically any color.


New Arrivals

Soldiers have picked up our training weapons and complimented us on how much they look and feel like the real thing. You'll know your holding one of our high quality replicas if it has the words INERT-ADVANTAGE molded into the gun.

The NEW M-4 Elite Training Aid

The ultimate tool for your close-range tactical training. Made with high-impact polyurethane-based resin that over-molds a steel strengthening rod the entire length of the gun. This training aid is equipped with real quad rails, an authentic flash suppressor, and an adjustable stock. This is the most realistic M-4 training aid on the market and does everything except shoot. Custom colors can be quoted.

M240 Bravo Machine Gun

The M240 Bravo is a general-purpose machine gun which can be mounted on a bipod, tripod, aircraft, or vehicle. The M240 Bravo has been used in combat since the late 1970's and is one of the most reliable weapons out in the market.


M16 A2 Elite Training Aid

A cut above in training weapons... Our (M-16 A2) is made to replicate, being similar in weight and handling sound for realism. Specially designed with no moving parts, realistic flash suppressor and cast iron sight that accepts a bayonet and an authentic clip (non-removable).



The SCAR-H MK-17 Special Operations Force Combat Assault Rifle is a proven, powerful and superior weapon and is becoming the weapon of choice. Our Inert training gun has real picatiny rails on top and bottom plastic picatiny rails on the sides. We have optional 3 different barrel lengths and optional replica flash suppressor. Standard flash suppressor will be powder-coated orange.
  SCAR-H MK-17

SAW M249

This M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) machine gun replica is a superior training weapon with a working bi-pod and an adjustable handle. Standard color is black. Optional pic rail for mounting scopes.
  M249 SAW


This is a high-impact polyurethane training aid that has a steel strengthening rod through the whole length of the gun. It has a realistic feel and see-through sights.


The G36C is a compact tactical assault battle rifle used in over 30 countries. This training version is now offered by armygreenguns.com. This training gun is equipped with plastic pic rails for affixing your tactical gear.


Featured Weapons

SVD: Russian Dragunov Sniper Rifle

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova) was designed for the Russian sniper teams. This Dragunov is not only beautiful but deadly accurate up to 1000 meters. Built around the standard AK-47 action, the SVD is chambered for 7.62x54mm ammunition. With its open butt stock and high gloss finish, this replica is a must for your training gun collection.


This post WWII rifle changed the weapons world. Leading a Russian design team, Mikhail Kalashnikov set out to design an automatic rifle in 1947 from the blueprint of the German STG-44. The AK-47(Avtomat Kalashnikov) is known more for its reliability rather than its accuracy. This is why this weapon is so widely used in the middle east. It still performs under harsh, dirty and sandy conditions. Because the AK-47 is commonly used by the Taliban, Alcida, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, this training aid is very often requested today.

This replica rubber duck is one of the most realistic training aids we manufacture. Only being just a few feet away you question yourself... is this real or a replica? Our high-quality urethane part has a woodgrain texture on the stock, grip, and forearm handle, with a light airbrushed two-toned look.

M60 Machine Gun: "The Pig"

At 550 rounds per minute, this belt fed gas operated general purpose machine gun is on its way to retirement. Extensively used in the Vietnam era weighing a whopping 23lbs with short barrel life it was named "The Pig” by American troops.

The M60 was replaced by the M240 Bravo. The replica looks so realistic, at trade shows it is often mistaken for the real thing.


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Training Guns / Training Aids

We can design and manufacture any training aid upon request, including M4CS, M4CS5R, M16A2, and NDGLOKST (9mm training pistol). Our guns are made of quality urethane, come in any color and can have logos or names molded into them. Common features include flash supressors, steel barrels, collapsing stocks, holsters, and real pic rails.


OPFOR (Opposing Force)

We manufacture the following OPFOR replica weapons and aids for training purposes:

  • AK-47
  • AK47ST
  • AK-74
  • AK74PS1
  • AK-74 Tactical
  • AK-74PS2
  • AKDC1
  • Dummy AK Clips
  • SVD Sniper Rifle