Army Green Guns

Most inferior weapon replicas are cast from silicone tooling that breaks down over time and produces a poor-quality part. All Army Green Guns are visibly more authentic and realistic, made from solid aluminum tooling that retains its crispness and results in a cleaner, more durable replica with each cast. Military and law enforcement personnel world-wide are quickly learning that such quality matters. We use scientifically formulated polyurethanes in all of our replicas that will withstand the rigorous demands of the harshest training environments. Many Army Green Guns are cast with aluminum barrels that add to their durability, realistic appearance and weight. We have designs on file of almost any foreign or U.S. weapon, and we are capable of taking on any custom project to produce these replicas in practically any color.

  • Available replica training aids: M-4, 9mm, Gov .45 P226, UZI, PM-50, MP-5, AK-47, and AK-47 with folding stock.
  • Coming soon: M-14, M60, SVD, ,50-cal, M-16 and RPK
  • Stock colors: black, army green, and emerald green
  • Custom colors: available upon request

How realistic is our M-4?

Soldiers have picked up our M-4 and complimented us on how much it looks and feels like the real thing. It's engineered with a steel rod through the entire length of the gun for stability, and a real flash suppressor can be attached to the end of the barrel. You'll know your holding one of our high quality replicas if it has the words INERT-ADVANTAGE molded into the gun.

Here's our M-4 featured in an interview at the 2010 SHOT show in Las Vegas.
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We can design and manufacture any training aid upon request

Army Green Guns are authentic, durable replicas of almost any weapon in any color. These training aids look and feel just like the real thing and are used by military, law enforcement, and enthusiasts world-wide. Quality matters.

New Arrivals

  • M-14
  • New M-4
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